As a referral source for Functional Neurology for over 20 years, our Montreal clinic has become recognized by medical and alternative health practitioners for resolving a wide variety of neurological conditions for thousands of patients across Québec.

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What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology is based on neuroplasticity, your nervous system’s ability to strengthen existing neural pathways and create new ones.

Since its very beginnings, chiropractic’s beneficial effects were thought to be mediated through the nervous system. It has only been in recent years, however, that research has shown more precisely how this manual therapy influences neurological function. This has led to the establishment of post-graduate programs in “Chiropractic Neurology” and the development of novel ways of employing chiropractic techniques.

In addition to these studies came perhaps the most important breakthrough in neuroscience in the last 100 years, the discovery of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity describes the brain’s remarkable ability to physically rewire itself based on what stimuli it is exposed to.

The idea that the brain can change its own structure and function through thought and activity is, I believe, the most important alteration in our view of the brain since we first sketched out its basic anatomy and the workings of its basic component, the neuron.

Norman Doidge, MD

Born from these exciting new advances in science, Functional Neurology has emerged as a clinical method of activating specific neural circuits to improve the function of the nervous system. This non-medication approach has offered new hope for people suffering from a wide variety of neurological problems.

Originally developed by Dr. Ted Carrick, in the 1970s, Functional Neurology gained wide recognition in 2011 when Dr. Carrick helped hockey star Sidney Crosby return to the NHL after suffering from a concussion for over 8 months (read Dr. Freud’s interview about Functional Neurology upon returning from his time on Dr. Carrick’s clinical team – in French).

Why consult us for Functional Neurology in Montreal?

Our unique approach helps people improve and even recover from neurological problems.

Your nervous system is directly linked to everything you feel, everything you think and everything you do. When it is not functioning optimally, it can have a devastating effect on your life and on the lives of all those around you.

Many of our new patients have been disappointed with other specialists they have seen. Many have lost hope and are skeptical as to how we may help them. It is typically through the encouragement of a satisfied patient or a doctor familiar with our results that they decide to consult us.

Patrick Freud neurologie fonctionnelle à Montréal

Dr. Patrick Freud, Montreal chiropractor, is one of the first Canadian practitioners of Functional Neurology and is respected in the field internationally. Every patient benefits from his 20+ years of clinical experience and teaching, and receives thorough and personalized care.

Functional Neurology Montreal Martin Lafrenière

Dr. Martin Lafrenière, Montreal chiropractor, has been treating high-level athletes for over 25 years and is certified by the Complete Concussions management (CCMI) program, the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies clinical neuroscience program and the Functional Neurology Seminars program accredited by the National University of Health Science.

Functional Neurology first visit

You will go through an interview and thorough neurological exam to determine which specific neural circuits may be producing your symptoms.

The goal of the Functional Neurology consultation is to determine which parts of your nervous system are not working optimally and potentially causing your symptoms. Since information collected from your previous doctors is important in this process, you may be asked to send us copies of your medical reports as well as other documents. All of this will be reviewed prior to your visit.

Functional neurology exam

During your first appointment, you will be asked questions and go through an examination. A complete understanding of what you are going through and what is functioning abnormally in your body is crucial in discovering the source of your problem.

Then, unless additional information or tests are required, you will be given a clear explanation of your condition and we will discuss what can be done to help you feel and function better.

Functional Neurology treatments

You will be given an individualized treatment plan, specific to improving the function of your nervous system.

Because your therapy is based on the results of your history and examination, your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. In much the same way that a personal trainer can design a program to help a client build muscle or lose weight, our objective is to improve how your nervous system functions to make you feel better.

With the right stimuli, neural connections can be rewired and refined. This natural adaptive ability (brain plasticity or neuroplasticity) can have dramatic and sometimes life-changing effects.

Michael Merzenich, Father of Neuroplasticity

The process of rehabilitating your weak neural circuits to become stronger is done gently and comfortably.

Treatments may consist of:
  • Manual therapies
  • Specific home exercises
  • Nutrition/supplement advice
  • Other lifestyle recommendations
Depending on where you live, we offer two different approaches:
  • If you are within the greater Montreal area: Your recommendations will be implemented and modified in our office over the course of a few days or weeks.
  • If you are outside the greater Montreal area: You will be given a set of initial exercises and recommendations to implement and a re-evaluation will be scheduled weeks or months later. Please note that if another practitioner referred you, a “team approach” to treatment is possible.

Functional Neurology prices

Initial visit:
  • Questionnaire and medical reports review (prior to visit), consultation, examination and case discussion (1.5-2 hours): $400
Follow-up appointments:
  • Review of symptoms, re-examination, treatment (30 minutes): $140
  • Manual therapy: $65

Functional Neurology reviews from our clinic

KK (St-Lazare )
My son began showing signs of Tourette syndrome a year ago. He had many vocal and motor tics. His pediatrician could only suggest anti-psychotic drugs, a route we were unwilling to take. My chiropractor recommended Dr. Freud to us. Dr. Freud gave my son a thorough neurological assessment. He gave us a “prescription” to follow-exercises, dietary changes and supplements. After a few months we have seen significant improvement in my son’s health. Before his treatment, my son could not say one sentence without having several tics. Now, I rarely see this amount in a day. Dr. Freud was able to give us hope when we had none left. He has not only impacted my son in a positive way, he has given the entire family a better quality of life. Dr. Freud is the most kind and compassionate doctor. He has a real passion and love for his field and all of the people that walk into his office. Thank you Dr. Freud!
SP (Laval)
He works miracles. Almost literally. He has helped me recover from nerve damage caused by third degree burns, and restored function to my right leg.
SV (Montreal)
In 2010, I started having unusual neck movement problems. I felt a constant pulling to the left, as if I had a torticollis and my head would turn to the left. I could no longer turn my head to the right and my left shoulder was much higher than my right. My work and my daily activities were very affected, to the point that I had to stop working. I had difficulty walking with my head straight and I became very tired trying to look in front of me. Furthermore, I felt a lot of anxiety from what was happening to me and I gradually felt demoralized. My life was no longer the same, my body was no longer the same. I learned that misfortunes don’t only happen to others. After a multitude of medical visits without a diagnosis, I finally ended up with an excellent neurologist, specialized in movement disorders. He diagnosed that I was suffering from dystonia and he treated me with Botox and medication. I was reluctant with the Botox injections and the medications but honestly, to gain some relief, I would have done anything. It took a long time for the dosages to be regulated and that the effects started to be felt. I was actually fortunate in my misfortune: while discussing with my neurologist on the causes of this disorder and the possibility of reversing the problem, he spoke to me about Dr. Freud. Another one of his patients was seeing him and he noticed an improvement. I called on the spot. I cannot explain to what extent I am happy to have met this specialist. I worked hard on the exercises he prescribed. I felt revitalized, because I noticed an improvement each week. My family and my friends also witnessed the evolution and today I live normally. You have to believe that healing is possible and you have to persevere. Thank you to life! (translated from French)
TA (Laval)
Between university and work, exams and end of semester work, I was starting to get used to the infernal rhythm in which migraines were almost daily. I thought it was normal, that it was the price to pay to consolidate work, school and social life. With my wife’s recommendation, I went, incredulous, to Dr. Freud’s clinic. “Regardless of your lifestyle,” he told me, “we can work together to improve the quality of your life.” From the first treatment until today, I have not had any migraines and I have never felt better. (translated from French)
SR (Hampstead)
After having consulted several specialists over the course of a year (orthopedist, physiatrist, orthesist, podiatrist) who prescribed as many tests (x-ray, CT scan, MRI), we were still at the same point: our 6 year old son had an inversion problem with his right foot that seriously handicapped his ability to do certain activities. No one could explain the phenomenon since all his tests were “normal”. Some specialists even suggested that our son should learn to live with it since it wasn’t painful. It was after a suspicion from our chiropractor that it was a neurological problem that he referred us to Dr. Freud. We were rather discouraged and even skeptical, but we told ourselves that we had nothing to lose to try. Our son started treatments and within just a few visits, the results were surprising. In less than three months, Victor’s foot returned to a completely normal position, his whole posture improved and he was able to return to the activities he had abandoned. Some people in our entourage even asked us if our son had had an operation! What’s more, Dr. Freud’s approach is very humane, not to mention his patience and his gentleness with children. We will never hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Patrick! (translated from French)
RF (Montreal)
When my son began kindergarten 2 years ago, we learned that he had a profound unilateral hearing loss and as a result exhibited behaviors that were questionable and often compared to ADD and autism. During one of his Kung Fu sessions, a chiropractor noticed that he had issues with attention, focus, coordination, impulsivity and anxiety. She recommended that I see Dr. Freud. It took me 8 months before I decided to call him and waiting was the worst mistake I made. He saw my son immediately and helped me to understand why my son had issues related to right brain function (as he is deaf in his left ear). He worked with him once a week for a few months. Now, the very people that put his behavior into question ask me what I did with him because he is a different child – his focus, coordination, impulsivity and anxiety have improved tremendously and academically he is doing EXTREMELY well. It is no coincidence that all this occurred following his visits with Dr. Freud. Dr. Freud is completely dedicated to his patients and has an inexplicable charisma that drew my son and enabled him to trust where he never trusted before. Thank you, Dr. Freud.
JB (St Lin des Laurentides)
My daughter was about 20 months old when from one day to the next she started having trouble walking, she was trembling and had nystagmus. After more than a year and a half of consulting several doctors and doing several tests (CT scan, MRI, audiology, ophthalmology, cardiology, blood tests) and more, my father’s chiropractor gave us the name of a chiropractor specialized in neurology, Patrick Freud. Skeptical, we had nothing left to lose. After just one visit, he gave us a diagnosis that really surprised us. I followed his advice, practiced the exercises and in less than 2 weeks my girl developed 6 months! My family and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Patrick Freud. Thank you Patrick, you changed the life of my daughter, and consequently, ours! (translated from French)
SD (Boucherville)
After spending 4 years in excruciating pain, not being able to sit, stand or walk giving up hope was easy. I had seen a very long list of “specialists” to no avail. I started seeing Dr. Freud about 3 months ago and last Thursday I started to walk again. He used the same documentation that the specialists used only he found the problem and none of the rest could. I will be forever grateful to this man for giving me my life back, to have a day where you are pain free and feel human again. You just can’t buy that. Don’t ever give up hope when there is someone like Dr. Freud who can help you. Dr. Patrick Freud thank-you for everything.
AL (Westmount)
My seven year old son was easily frustrated and would get angry when things did not go his way. A friend recommended Dr. Freud and although I knew about the benefits of Chiropractic treatment for back problems, I had never considered it for the neurological effects. After three appointments with Dr. Freud, my son’s patience and overall behavior improved. After eight appointments, there was such an improvement that we now only have to see Dr. Freud for maintenance from time to time (about every 6-8 weeks). He is a much calmer, patient, kind and happy child. Additionally, my son had a history of recurring ear-infections which Dr. Freud treated him for. He has not had a single ear infection since he started visiting Dr. Freud. Dr. Freud is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful demeanor. I would highly recommend him.
GR (Gatineau)
I have multiple sclerosis. One day, when I had no more resources and nothing to lose, my spouse suggested I meet Dr. Freud, despite my skepticism. My first visit proved to be significant since I found an attentive ear, a thorough analysis and respect for my needs at the time. In that period, I had a lot of physical pain, loss of balance, double vision, poor concentration and excessive fatigue. This neurological approach is a gentle method that is adapted to our needs. From being closely followed, despite the distance between Montreal and Gatineau, I found my autonomy. I relearned to center myself, listen to my body and recognize my limits. My physical pains diminished, my losses of balance are practically no longer part of my life and my fatigue excesses are better controlled. My disease used to control me, now it’s me who controls it and I feel much better. (translated from French)
NA (Sherbrooke)
Our son was born with a congenital torticollis that worsened, little by little, over time: reduced mobility, irritability, and constant discomfort. We consulted several chiropractors and an osteopath for several months with essentially no result. The problem got to the point where a plagiocephaly (flat head) started deforming his face. Dr. Freud, thanks to his deep knowledge of neurology and an approach different from traditional chiropractic, brought us a solution. With a few visits an intensive program of specific exercises, our son now has normal mobility and especially a constant smile! A thousand thank you’s to Dr. Freud, our family will never forget what you did for us! (translated from French)
DD (Outremont)
After having consulted many doctors and neurologists for spasms [chorea] in my right leg that prevented me from walking comfortably, no solution seemed possible. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Patrick Freud. In effect, Dr. Freud took the time to ask me several pertinent questions, recommend xrays and tests and evaluate my diet. After only a few months of treatments, exercises and dietary changes, I can now walk with confidence. Thank you Dr. Patrick Freud. (translated from French)
EP (Beauharnois)
For many years, exercise was part of my daily routine, but an unfortunate bike accident left me with a concussion. I had to live with persistent headaches, dizziness, lack of coordination and poor concentration for 5 long months. Of course, I had to completely stop working, running and biking. Not one doctor I consulted could help me. Then, I heard about Dr. Freud. For the first time since my accident, I felt like my “hell” could have an end. Dr. Freud listened to me, reassured me and explained in clear terms what was happening inside me, inside my head. After an exhaustive analysis of my symptoms, he proposed a series of chiropractic treatments, he suggested to modify certain aspects of my diet and proposed simple home exercises to improve my concentration and posture. Today, I am completely restored. I am back at work and restarted running and biking. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Freud for his good care and I am convinced that it is thanks to his care and his global approach that I was able to regain the full extent of my abilities. A big thank you to Dr. Freud. (translated from French)
SG (Dorval)
I met with Dr. Freud when my son was 3 yrs old. My son has Down Syndrome and with this diagnosis comes delays in all that he does and will do. Once he began to walk and gain speed in his walking, I noticed a change in his legs. He began to walk with straight knees and on his toes frequently. To begin, when my son met Dr. Freud for the first time, he took a huge liking to him and felt at ease with him instantly. Within a few weekly sessions, and daily routine exercises at home, I noticed a huge change in his form of walking. His legs were not as stiff and the toe walking disappeared. Dr. Freud is truly a dedicated professional who listens to your concerns and has a great deal of patience with children. I must say he has a true gift not only to work with children, but with children who have special needs. We are very fortunate and extremely thankful to have him work with us. As a parent of a child with special needs, I simply want to thank him for treating my son with such utmost respect and for listening to ALL of my concerns when it comes to my child. Thank you dearly Dr. Freud.
LL (Côte-des-Neiges)
In the year of 2010 at the age of fifty, primarily my legs and hands were trembling involuntary. After eighteen months, I decided to treat this in a non-conventional medicine which was to see a chiropractor. Therefore, I was recommended a consultation with Dr. Freud. My first appointment had lasted for one hour and he was able to give a diagnosis simply by questioning and completing some exercises. His explanation of the neurological disorders was straightforward and easy to understand. After eight months of being followed, respecting his recommendations and doing certain exercises, I no longer have the tremors. This is such a great feeling. I was confident that I would get better but did not expect for the trembling to disappear completely. Dr Freud is not only passionate of his work, he is competent and his humanity quality in his profession is rare. I considered myself fortunate and privileged to have encountered Dr. Freud. His approach should be initiated in the medical profession so that people can benefit.
RB (Laval)
After having lived with a recurring labyrinthitis for over 20 years, one which was becoming more and more difficult, I decided to meet Dr. Freud. After the first treatment, there was already a difference. I returned three more times and after two and a half months, I now live without this problem. (translated from French)
IL (Verdun)
When I first met Dr. Freud, I had had over 8 months of daily nausea. I consulted my family doctor who did a battery of tests (including a CT scan) without finding the cause. I also consulted a chiropractor, an osteopath and even (I was so desperate) an acupuncturist (I do not like needles). I also made dietary changes, but still did not find the cause of my nausea. For as long as I can remember, my head always hurt, lightly, but constantly. Sometimes, the headaches were intolerable, but I thought it was normal. A friend studying in radiology recommended Dr. Freud, saying that he had a different approach, based more on neurology, and that she trusted her neck with no one else on earth. Dr. Freud helped me discover how my body should normally function and allowed me to find my joy for life in helping me solve my nausea and headaches. I restarted doing sports almost every day, I feel good in my skin, since I adopted new lifestyle habits related to Dr. Freud’s treatments and recommendations. (translated from French)
DH (Ottawa)
There are no words to describe what you have done for me. I started walking like a normal person this week. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I realize I still have a ways to go, but it has already exceeded my expectations. I honestly thought it was impossibility and you have made it a reality. It’s the miracle that I have been praying for. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.
JF (Blainville)
If all doctors could be like him, the world would be a better place. This doctor saved me from certain death. He relieved me of “L’hermitte’s phenomenon” with 7 treatments. My neurologist told me that I would have to live with that for the rest of my life.
EO (Westmount)
My 7 year old son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was 5 and I met Dr. Freud when I was trying to find some therapy that would help him. After just a few sessions, my son was much calmer, could focus and sit still for longer periods of time. He is finally “grounded” and I attribute his remarkable improvement to Dr. Freud and his expertise. We have been seeing him for over 8 months now and he is now part of our regular routine. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being, listens when concerns are shared, and offers guidance. Best of all, my son loves his sessions and always looks forward to seeing Dr. Freud. He is incredibly gifted in connecting with children and it clearly shows in his results.
LP (Pointe-Claire)
I came to see Dr. Freud because of a very painful nerve injury for which I was taking Vicodon. Treatment with an acupuncturist and another chiropractor did nothing to relieve it. After an extensive, in-depth interview and examination, Dr. Freud diagnosed my condition as a brachial plexus injury. Within one week of treatment (two sessions), the pain subsided substantially. Within two weeks I was completely off medication. I was astounded to say the least. Dr. Freud is a very competent and thorough diagnostician and a credit to his profession! His knowledge and extensive study of the nervous system and muscular-skeletal system, along with his expertise in a wide variety of techniques allow him to give chiropractic treatments that are very specific to the injury at hand. He is also a very amicable and compassionate human being. I consider him a chiropractor beyond compare and cannot recommend him highly enough!
I had a lot of dizziness so I saw a doctor in an emergency clinic who diagnosed a labyrinthitis and prescribed Serc. This did not change my state at all. As things were not improving, I returned to see the doctor who referred me to an ENT. When I met the ENT, he prescribed an MRI (but when!?). So I took a chance and consulted Dr. Freud, chiropractor. From the first treatment, youppi, no more dizziness… without pain, without discomfort, finally I am well. Thank you Dr. Freud.
LM (Downtown Montreal)
Suffering from a chronic torticollis and having been unable to obtain permanent relief from traditional medicine, I turned towards chiropractic. Inspired by his professional and academic experience, I scheduled a first appointment with Dr. Freud. A precise diagnosis was confirmed with the help of a series of tests and a treatment plan was rapidly set in place. There was no delay in feeling results – a significant improvement of symptoms was felt after the first treatment and there was a disappearance of symptoms within just a few weeks. I also much appreciate Dr. Freud’s focus and his holistic approach. In addition, I cannot ignore the warm welcome, I would say familial, that Dr. Freud and his assistant have, which makes such that the superior quality of care is carried out in an environment of attentive listening, support, respect, tranquility and joy. (translated from French)
NB (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
Since the beginning of kindergarten, my son’s teacher noticed attention problems in class, rare eye contact and difficulty retaining information (he did not know his numbers from 1 to 10 after months of making him practice!). She was worried (and so was I!) for his school marks in grade 1. The school referred me to occupational therapy and speech therapy among others to improve the situation, but we only had a mild improvement after several months… Then my chiropractor recommended that I consult Dr. Freud since the brain is like a muscle that can be exercised! Following his neurological evaluation, Dr. Freud prescribed specific home exercise games to do with my child. After 4 months of exercises, my son is now much more mature, able to focus on his homework and memorize information (he knew his numbers from 1 to 10, 2 weeks after starting the exercises). He typically has good behavior in class and I regularly sign his exam scores between 90 and 100%! What’s more, my son now looks people in the eyes when he speaks to them. I love Dr. Freud’s humane and always joyous approach with children and my son greatly appreciates it. I recommend him without hesitation if you have a child suspected with attention deficit. Thank you Dr. Freud! (translated from French)
JN (Montreal downtown)
Our 11-year-old son was overwhelmed by significant headaches and difficulty concentrating for about 10 months following consecutive concussions. The doctors, pediatricians and neurologists we consulted were of no help and we were desperate. Our son had missed a lot of school and his grades were affected. Doubt and anxiety started and he was worried to not be able to pass his school year. An acquaintance recommended we consult Dr. Freud and from that moment, everything changed. Dr. Freud quickly identified the cause of the problem and set up a treatment plan that saw our son back on the soccer field within 2 months. Dr. Freud has a very humane approach and our son immediately felt confident with him. He is back at school full time and his grades returned to where they were before. I strongly recommend people who have a concussion to consult Dr. Freud, they will not regret their decision. Thank you Dr. Freud! (translated from French)
DL (Ottawa)
Seven years ago, a neurologist diagnosed me with cervical dystonia. Since no cure was possible, he proposed Botox injections for temporary relief. My chiropractor recommended I consult Dr. Freud, which I did. He proceeded with a complete neurological exam and prescribed daily exercises, which were adjusted over time. The treatment brought about a significant reduction in the dystonia. A year later, I returned to my neurologist. She did several tests and found nothing abnormal, not even any dystonia! For a neurologist to not see any movement of my head made me very happy. No Parkinson’s and nothing else apparent. I recommend chiropractic neurology to everyone for its non-invasive and holistic approach. Furthermore, I recommend chiropractic neurology treatments with Dr. Freud since he is not only very professional but also very human and easy to interact with. A big thank you for your precious help. (translated from French)
AH (downtown Montreal)
Eighteen months, six emergency room visits, three ENT consults, four neurologists and no diagnosis. An hour with Dr. Freud and not only did I have a neurological diagnosis, but a comprehensive holistic treatment plan that has made an unbelievable difference in how I feel. Dr. Freud is by far the single most wonderful medical professional I have ever consulted, and I have (unfortunately) met many. I am very close to becoming entirely healed and I’m loving it. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Freud. He gave me my life back when I had almost lost all hope.

How to consult us for Functional Neurology

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call us (514-483-3444) or email us.

When contacting us, please inform us that it is for a Functional Neurology consultation so that we may fully explain our procedures and send you a questionnaire to fill out.