VIDEO: Lecture about chiropractic to McGill University physicians by Montreal chiropractor Patrick Freud [click here to watch in expanded window]

Definition of chiropractic. Are chiropractors doctors? How many years does it take to be a chiropractor? What do chiropractors believe? How do chiropractic adjustments work? What is the cracking sound? What is the most effective chiropractic technique? Is chiropractic dangerous? Are neck adjustments safe? Is spinal manipulation effective for back pain? Is it good to get adjusted by a chiropractor?


VIDEO: Montreal chiropractor Patrick Freud on the evolution of neuroscience and what is Functional Neurology [click here to watch in expanded window]

Functional Neurology has evolved from discoveries that have led to a greater understanding of how the nervous system works and how its function can be improved.

PODCAST: "Qu'est ce que la neurologie fonctionnelle?" Interview with Journalist Eugénie Francoeur

What is Functional Neurology? How do you identify which parts of the nervous system need help? Who practices Functional Neurology? Concussions. How many treatments are needed? Neurodegenerative conditions. Depression and other “invisible" conditions. Advice for a healthy nervous system. Neuroplasticity. Autistic spectrum disorders, ADD, ADHD. List of conditions that Functional Neurology may help.

“Sidney Crosby retour au jeu” article in the Journal de Montréal

Article describing Sidney Crosby’s return to the NHL after suffering with concussion symptoms for over 8 months and Patrick Freud’s interview about Functional Neurology upon returning home after attending Crosby’s week-long evaluation and treatment.


RADIO INTERVIEW: Montreal chiropractor Patrick Freud answers concussion questions

What is Chiropractic (Functional) Neurology? What is a concussion? Does it take more time for a child or an adult to recover? Listener: How long after a concussion can an athlete train again? What are the symptoms of a concussion? Listener: Should my son consult after a serious football injury if he's feeling fine? How is a concussion diagnosed? Listener: Could a lingering headache be a sign of a concussion? How is a concussion treated? How much rest should you take after having a concussion? Is the direction of a head injury important? Are there conditions that can slow down concussion recovery? What is CTE? What should someone do if they have had multiple concussions?

VIDEO: TV interview with Montreal chiropractor Patrick Freud about chiropractic and the successful chiropractic treatment of a patient with vertigo [click here to watch in expanded window]

The story of a patient's journey to find a solution for her dizziness and the chiropractic neurology approach that helped her. The show also discusses the chiropractic profession and the approach we have at the Freud Clinic.

PODCAST: "L’éducation, le bien-être et la santé des enfants par la nature"

Julie Filiatrault describes how our connection to nature is good for our brain and how she helps kids with neurodevelopmental challenges at the Freud Clinic. Inspirational interview on education, family life, the environment, neurology and movement.